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Set primarily in San Francisco, the story focuses on the multigenerational Adler family, spanning close to 150 years. At the onset, patriarch Penuel Adler, flees a 1914 Vienna with his family, and heads to America escaping a change in a social climate caused by an influx of over one hundred thousand Eastern European refugees fleeing Russia. Penuel will soon discover that life in America will bring profound changes.

While the saga recounts the story of the Adler’s, it focuses primarily on Penuel’s grandson, John (Jay) Adler. Orphaned at age seven, Jay is raised by relatives in New York. Upon graduation from Harvard, he goes to work for Rupeover Manufacturing, and upon buying out his employer, he moves the headquarters to a 1970s San Francisco, where with the aid of his trusted friend, Gordon, he becomes a self-made billionaire with a seemingly Midas flair for businesses. His personal life, however, belies that notion.

Twenty years married to the beautiful Sydney, socialite extraordinaire, has failed to produce an Adler heir, and fearing that she is losing her husband, Syd makes a stunning decision, one that will reshape the Adler’s legacy. As the main characters struggle, defying fate itself to reclaim their destiny, in the end they learn never to underestimate the power of love.

This is the Second Edition of the originally published 2012 version with added storyline.

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"I like the way the two women characters were betrayed. It was very close to being truth in every way. I like they way they became friends and true to themselves.  Understanding of the circumstances by which they were characterized. Their situations were real to understand, careful not to judge either of them due to there needs."- November 11, 2014 - Donna Williams ****

"An interesting read that offers a glimpse into the lives of the privileged among San Francisco's elite.  The characters are clearly drawn and a reader will find themselves quickly caught up in this tale of trust and betrayal that spans a lifetime.  February 3, 2015 - Brenda Bellinger."****

"This is a fabulous book. I read it on a plane and teared up twice. Great  dialogue. you will know the  Characters. Get this book." - August 6, 2012 - Carmen *****

"Excellent Read" - December 29, 2014 -Teri *****

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