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The Lark

Despite its tendency to have a shrill and pitchy musical tone, the lark is noted for its ability to sing. A” lark” something unplanned and spontaneous, and in literature a symbol of daybreak.   Carolyne Swayze , author,  and storyteller was born on September 24, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois as Carolyn Marie Lark. 

Catching the Rainbow

This website is about storytelling , and a life realized. Not about dreams realized, but life. Very often  our blessings are far beyond anything we could have ever dreamed. It is in that moment, when so worn out by the journey that we have to sit down, not even sure we can take another step...when at that moment we realize that we're sitting right on top of that pot of gold. It is then we understand we've caught the rainbow! 

Looking for the Dollar

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying describing that continuing to do the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome, as insanity. To that I say, not necessarily.  I call it, looking for the dollar. To understand this point, please read our blog by clicking on the menu above. 


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